Standard Year End Blog Post

For the last couple years around this time, I’ve made some poignant post reviewing the past year and describing an outlook for the upcoming year. Here is another one of those sappy reflections of times past with more bogus hopes for the future.

Anyone who follows my blog at all knows that I had some great opportunities to hug trees and flick mosquitoes last summer with the company of two wonderful friends. Now, these woodsy adventures were not all fun and games– there was hard work and tears involved. Not my tears, of course, as I’m a cold hearted b… biddy when placed in certain strenuous situations. The two aforementioned friends should feel privileged that I hold them in my company constantly tearing apart their confidence and picking apart their character and worth as human beings. Now, from the outside looking in, I might look like a complete d… dope. Truth of the matter is I’m slowly tearing them apart to build them back up. Someday they’ll thank me. Honestly.

At the end of 2010 my gallbladder was extracted which led to an odd realization in 2011, and it wasn’t that I could no longer enjoy beer, prime rib, french fries, fried chicken, fair food, and other delectable fatty foods without being miserable for days afterward. To the delight of my friends and much to my chagrin, an undesirable amount of emotion was injected into my life by removing that useless organ. Whether it be the result of my first time under anesthesia or an empty chasm just below my liver, I now fit well into the emotionally unstable crew I often identify myself with [yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition]. Just add liquor and a dash of any happy/sad conversation topics, and this formerly steady Eddie turns into a hot mess. Just throw a blanket over me– I’ll be just fine.

Many would say that this softer, more sensitive side of Mari [yup, third person reference] always existed. I guess they’d be right– if I like you enough and you’ll listen [dammit], you’ll get a slice, too. It’s hard not to be all those ‘S’ words when I’m surrounded by such amazing friends and family [this is where it gets sappy]. The people who make up my life (new, old, past, and present) continue to help mold me into a better person even if I’m the butt of jokes– I’m glad you can laugh at my expense, you a… awfully wonderful people.

Looking into the new year, I hope to keep a cleaner house, mow my lawn more often, and that’s bullsh… bogus. We all know my house won’t ever be cleaned regularly other than to suck up dog hair balls reminiscent of tumble weeds and my lawn will look shaggy despite the stink eye from the neighbor. Here’s what I know will happen next year: tree hugging, yoga pain wincing, granola eating, alcohol induced crying, foot race running, canoe toting, friend self esteem destructing then building, love sharing, wisdom giving, random picture taking, thought tweeting, wage earning, and plane riding to Bushkill, PA where I’ll spend half of the month of January cursing my unwavering commitment to employment due to said wage earning so I can do all those other things ending in -ing and still be bill paying.

Yea for 2012!!

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